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22 February (18:42)

Stefan Everts has, sadly, returned to hospital as he continues to fight Malaria. Pain in his right foot prompted further examinations from doctors, who then confirmed that he had picked up an infection in a wound. An official statement from the family makes it sound as though his feet have really suffered after the fight with malaria.

It’s a blow for me, but as always I keep fighting and I will also overcome this obstacle,” Stefan Everts said in that statement. It seems as though his current stay in hospital could last anywhere between two to six weeks. Further updates will be added to this page.

10 January (15:53)

For the first time since being struck by malaria, Stefan Everts has taken to his social-media accounts to updates fans on his progress. The statement was short and sweet, which is hardly surprising, but the fact that he is now communicating himself is a huge positive for everyone to enjoy. His latest message can be read below.

“Getting everyday little bit better and stronger. Road to recovery is still going to [be] long but my mind is prepared for that. Patience is the message. Thx for all the messages, it gave me a boost! Best wishes for 2019! S72.”

02 January (15:51)

Another Stefan Everts update has been released and there is even more positive news. Everts is out of intensive care, but still faces a lengthy stay in hospital. The latest statement is below.

“Again, good news from Stefan Everts. The ten-time world champion, who was hit by malaria at the beginning of December, has traded the intensive care at the University Hospital of Leuven yesterday for the rehabilitation. The legend will stay in that department for six weeks to continue working on his recovery.

“For Everts, this is another big step forward. At the beginning of December, malaria broke out with him after taking part in Congo in the middle of November. He fought for a while for his life and was kept artificially asleep for a while. Everts fought back and defeated his biggest competitor ever. A few weeks ago, testing has already shown that he has not sustained permanent damage to organs and brain.

“In the last few days, Everts has once again made major steps forward, after which the professors decided to move him to rehabilitation. There he will be working hard on his recovery over the next few weeks.”
25 December (19:30)

This is a Christmas treat for everyone! Positive news has been communicated from the Everts camp, following Stefan’s recent fight with malaria, as he is continuing to make some steps forward. A full statement can be read below.

“Everts started with his [physical] rehabilitation yesterday. Compared to the worrying condition of a few weeks ago, he’s already doing much better. Although he is still in the intensive care of the UZ in Leuven, he is already getting out of bed and can already walk a little. After a charity in congo mid November, the legend had suffered an aggressive form of malaria. The state of health of Everts had deteriorated so much that he was in danger for a long time. However, studies last week showed that neither his brain nor his organs suffered permanent damage due to the malaria attack. About the duration of his stay on intensive care and his rehabilitation is not yet certain.

“Everts realises after a good conversation with the professors in Leuven that he escaped the worst. ‘That I’m still here is my most beautiful Christmas present,’ let him know. Stefan and his family want to thank all the people for the huge support they got in the last few weeks and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In new developments, the family – who is now looking to focus on Stefan’s rehabilitation – will again communicate through a press release.”

17 December (20:54)

The Everts family released a statement earlier today that contained positive news. Stefan, a ten-time world champion, has made significant improvements in his fight against malaria.

“The condition of Stefan Everts, who was struck by malaria, is getting better. His condition is no longer critical. That is why it’s no longer necessary to sedate the ten times world champion motocross. Everts is still staying at the intensive care unit of the University Hospital in Leuven, where he is closely monitored and where only family members are allowed. It’s still to early to talk about the consequences of the malaria or about the duration of his recovery.

“Everts contracted the disease a month ago in Congo, where he participated in a charity race. At the beginning of December malaria broke out and he was immediately admitted to the hospital in Hasselt, after which he was transferred to the University Hospital in Leuven.

“The Everts family wants to thank everyone for all the support and encouraging words. In the case of new developments, communication will again take place via a press release.”

7 December (11:35)

It was reported today that Stefan Everts, a ten-time world champion, is currently in intensive care at a local hospital. It is thought that Everts recently contracted malaria during a trip to Congo, where he was taking part in the Mikembo charity programme.

Everts raised five thousand six hundred and seventy-two dollars for the programme with his jersey alone. Additional details are obviously sparse currently, but updates will be added to this post when they are made available. Everyone at MX Vice wishes Everts and his family well in this difficult time. 

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Yamaha Racing